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Chaumukha Darwaza

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The Chaumukha Darwaza (Chaumukha in Hindi language means four faces) is inferred as the gate way of Lal Kot since it aligns with Lal Kot walls. It is near the Qutb Complex and has been categorized as Grade B in archaeological value. It has been conserved by the ASI.

The gate’s architectural style is traced to the Tuglaq period in view of its massive thickness. It has a “horned” outwork with paved stones in an engraved grid pattern that indicates that it was designed for defense purposes. The purpose for which it was built has not been discerned. Hence, it has also been conjectured that it could have been built by Thomas Metcalfe as one of his follies, close to his original ‘Dilkusha’ mansion (now seen in ruins) to enhance the elegance of his retreat.

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  • Address: Mehrauli Archeological Park, Mehrauli, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.5209933,77.18577170000003

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