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Chote Bateshewala Mahal

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Further away from the tomb complex, lie Mughal-period monument: Bada Bateshewala Mahal and Chote Bateshewala Mahal.

Bada Bateshewala Mahal, the tomb of Muzaffar Husain Mirza, the grand nephew of Humayun, built 1603-4 on a platform with five arches on each side, has its interior walls decorated with incised and painted plaster.

Not very much remains now of what was probably once a fairly ornate octagonal structure surrounded byan arcade with arched doorways on each of the eight sides of the building. The central chamber of the tomb has four doorways, three of which are screened off by stone jalis; the fourth acts as the entrance to the tomb. Inside, you can still see traces of decoration, in the form of incised and painted plaster.

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  • Address: Nizamuddin East, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.5906812,77.25057330000004

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