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Lahore Gate, Red Fort

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Red Fort has two well maintained gates namely the Lahori gate and the Delhi gate.

The Lahori gate of the Old Delhi city (now only a bazaar square with small remnants at one end) links with the Lahore gate of the Red Fort enclosing the Lahori bazaar and the Chandni Chowk in a length of (1.6 km (0.99 mi)). Inside the Lahori gate is the grain market which leads up to Chandni Chowk, and outside the gate stands a mosque built by Sirhindi Begum, wife of Shah Jahan, whom he married after the death Arjumand Banu Begum, Mumtaz Mahal. This Lahori Gate was also one of the last points captured during the siege of 1857. The other Lahore gate is the main gate to the Red fort and is named so since it is oriented towards Lahore in Pakistan.

Delhi gate was the main entrance linking Red fort with the city but entry is now restricted since it provided access to a large army camp inside the Fort (since vacated). It is used by the public. It is said that during Aurangzeb’s reign the beauty of both the gates was spoiled by adding bastions: “The vista like a veil drawn across the face of a beautiful woman”. In the 1980s, the area became a security zone due to its use for Indian Independence Day celebrations on 15 August for the flag hoisting and delivering an address to the Nation by the Prime Minister of India from the ramparts of the Red Fort. This necessitated blocking of the gate’s tower windows as a security measure to prevent any kind of stealthy sniper attacks. At that time, a Lift was also added to the gate for use by the Prime Minister.

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  • Address: Red Fort, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.6558126,77.24195220000001

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