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Lal Darwaza

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Sher Shah Gate or Lal Darwaza located to the south of Khairu’l-Manazil-Masjid is said to be an entrance to the large city of Delhi that Sher Shah built in front of his fortress of Purana Qila.

The gate, mostly built with red sandstone but with the use of local grey quartzite in its upper storey, is thus called the Lal Darwaza (red gate). Arcades were built from this gate into the city, which were provided with a series of dwellings with frontage of a verandah, which may have been used for commercial establishments.

Attached to the sides of the gate are battlemented walls and bastions, suggesting that this was the southernmost limit of Sher Shah Suri’s walled city. Its northernmost limit is believed to be the Kabuli or Khooni Darwaza which lies 3km from this gate.

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  • Address: Sher Shah Suri Gate, Mathura Rd, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.6086211,77.23898350000002

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