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Sarai Shaji

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Further to the east of Begumpur Masjid, in the Sarai Shahji village, a group of mughul period buildings, enclosed by rubble wall are seen. It contains a mosque which comprises compartments topped by curved Bengali roof, a mahal (popularly known as Sarai Shaji Mahal) having a courtyard with few graves surrounded by an arcade and an enclosure containing graves datable to late Mughal period.

The area surrounding this is scattered with decrepit gates, graves and a large slum area. A little distance from this place is the tomb of Shiekh Farid Murtaza Khan, who during Emperor Akbar’s period, was credited with building a number of Sarai’s, a mosque and Faridabad village, which is now the present–day large city in Haryana.


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  • Address: Near Begumpur Masjid, Serai Shahji Village, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.5391304,77.20661399999995

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