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Satpula is a remarkable ancient water harvesting dam or weir located about 800 m (2,625 ft) east of the Khirki Masjid that is integral to the compound wall of the medieval fourth city of the Jahanpanah in Delhi, with its construction credited to the reign of Sultan Muhammad Shah Tughlaq (Muhammad bin Tughluq) (1325–1351) of the Tughlaq Dynasty.

The objective of building the weir was for providing water for irrigation and also, as a part of the city wall, to provide defense security to the city against attacking armies. Satpula is a usage in Urdu and Hindi languages, which literally means “seven bridges”.

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  • Address: Satpula, Malviya Nagar, Delhi
  • GPS: 28.5317365,77.22349940000004

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