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Talkatora Garden

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There was a tal (tank) at the west side of the garden, surrounded by hilly ground forming a katora (bowl shaped natural depression). Although the pond has gone missing long ago, here still exists at the northwestern end of the garden, a long wall domed octagonal pavilion s at the two ends. this was an embankment (bund) to hold back rain water flowing into that tank.

There is another link to the past. The place around this was used as a camping ground by the Maratha army in 1736-37. GS Chhabra writes in his book:

Saadat Khan (a Mughal army official) had attacked a contingent of marching Maratha army after it had crossed Jumna (Yamuna River). He retired to Mathura thinking he had defeated the main Maratha army peshwa Baji Rao, had however , taken different route to reach Delhi. he did not pillage the city and camped at the Talkatora grove.

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  • Address: Talkatora Udyan, Mother Teresa Crescent, New Delhi
  • GPS: 28.623795,77.19560290000004

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